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We are an innovative spa and wellness company dedicated to promoting beauty and wellness throughout Kenya with one unified vision: Inner peace. Outer beauty.

It is our intent to improve self-awareness and ignite in each client a commitment to their own well-being.

We do not merely offer spa and beauty services, but instead an entire new way of life that focuses on well-being. How? Each and every client will receive their spa, or beauty service from a confident, caring and knowledgeable spa and salon experts who will not only make each client feel wonderful, but will also teach them how to continue caring for themselves every day through home care programs including diet, exercise and self-care rituals.

At Mvua we believe Wellness is more than being free from illness; it is a dynamic process of change and growth. It is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.
By Astine Muchiri

About Us

The concept behind Mvua Heritage was started in 2016 by Astine Muchiri, who having worked in the wellness Industry locally and abroad, realized that what worked 10 years ago in the health and wellness industry might not cut through with the current trends, customer needs and business environment.

Spotting the gap in the provision of fully structured training programs and services in spa & wellness, Mvua Heritage was born in 2018. Today, Mvua Heritage has diversified its products and services. To offer quality and affordable mobile spa services (mvua on the move) at the comfort of the client’s environment.


To become the most preferred Health & Wellness Company in Kenya.


Mvua is a Swahili word meaning rain. In Kenya rain is associated with new life, health, wealth and productivity. Drawing on the wisdom of Rain and Mother Nature, we’re on a mission to transform people and lifestyles by spreading, educating and advocating for enlightened wellness initiatives. – To achieve a healthier tomorrow.

The Mvua Promise

For Our Clients:

To create all-encompassing spas and wellness services that give our clients the ability to reconnect with their natural desire to be healthy, vibrant and self-aware. Teach each person the connection between health and habit.

For Our Staff:

To build safe, friendly and ethical work environments where they can have the freedom to be creative and to inspire each and every client to achieve a greater sense of well-being. Ensure that staff who work diligently are rewarded accordingly for their efforts and also to provide career opportunities and to support our staff’s growth.

For Our Business and Our Affiliates:

Through wellness-focused services, exceptional skincare, knowledgeable and caring staff, we continue to grow fiscally, enabling us to provide more careers for spa professionals in Kenya.

Mvua Core Values

Our Core values are our identity.

We continually strive to fulfill and exceed our internal and external expectations through championing the below values;

  • Integrity

    At Mvua we are people and a company that is trusted in the marketplace. We are true to what we stand for, do and create and strive for authentic relationships with everybody we come in contact with.

  • Growth & Empowerment

    Our focus is on growing people to discover and develop their talents in order to achieve wealth and productivity.

  • Innovative Creativity

    We are passionate about creativity in all its forms and expressions and believe that every challenge has a solution.

  • Candor

    We define this core value as “frankness, not afraid to ask questions respectfully and the ability to hold others accountable.” None of our other core values could work as well without a healthy dose of candor from time to time.

  • Productivity & Quality

    We will always produce high quality and relevant services and products and on-time.

  • Candor

    We define this core value as "frankness, not afraid to ask questions respectfully and the ability to hold others accountable." None of our other core values ( Trust ,Attitude, Autonomy, Creativity, Caring, Mastery and Fun) could work as well without a healthy dose of candor from time to time.

  • Love & Passion

    We love life and wellness with a passion. We do this by only hiring passionate people, who take pride in their work and enjoy serving customers every day.

About The FounderMeet The Mvua Team

About The Founder

Meet The Mvua Team


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