Dear Customer,

"The need will remain, but the interface will change".

These new habits then remain. Covid 19 virus will change the way we do things forever.

The beauty & wellness industry is one sector that is bound to experience a tectonic transformation.

"Stay Safe, Feel Good, and Look Good"

SPAS / SALONS / GYMS AND BERBERSHOPS poses the biggest risk for Covid 19 virus! This threat is going to remain for a long duration.

The services that we provide are personal & physical in nature. The very basis of spas and salons is touch. The beauty & wellness industry will therefore continue to connect passionate practitioners and committed customers. Of course, the fundamental service of a haircut or a massage will still involve touch. Mvua Heritage, a pre-eminent wellness company in Nakuru is reassuring the customer on the safety and hygiene of its outlet during this covid 19 pandemic, while retaining its core of empathy and caring.

Mvua understands that salon, barbershop, and Spa services are not just in the quality of delivery, but also the cleanliness of the premises, and the "healthiness" of their processes. Society is now arriving at a similar realization that the very act of touching can spread diseases. Increased consumer expectations & anxieties has led to Mvua imposing very higher standard of health guidelines and procedures, beyond your expectation.

"Big disasters lead to fast change"

All clients must observe & follow these guidelines to control the spread of Covid 19 virus.

Mvua Health and Safety Procedures

Terms of Entry and Spa Etiquette Procedure at Mvua

1. Clients are reminded at the time of booking to wear mask in accordance with the Government of Kenya requirement while visiting Mvua Spa.

2. Advanced bookings are highly recommended in accordance to the social distancing requirement.

3. If you experience Fever, Flu, headaches high blood pressure, heart condition, allergies or any other medical complications, we suggest you consult your doctor before booking Mvua treatments.

4. Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time to check in and prepare.

5. Wash your hands upon arrival (water and soap are provided at the spa entrance).

6. Dry your hands (disposable napkins).

At the reception the client is briefed on Terms of Entry and Spa Etiquette Procedure

7. Remove your shoes and wear Spa shoes(clogs) provided by Mvua.

8. Sanitize your hands before you enter the spa in accordance to the Kenya government policy.

9. The client is ushered to the changing room.

  • (Locker Room Policy) Cleaning is conducted in accordance with Government regulations and Mvua policy.
  • Robes, slippers, disposable underwear, towels, toiletries, showers, refreshments and seasonal snacks are provided free of charge for your convenience.
  • Note: Personal attire / jewels / watch worn into the spa/salon/barbershop must be removed prior to your treatment. Underwear or disposable underwear must be worn for all treatments. (you will be guided upon arrival) Please ask your therapist for assistance if required.

10. You are requested to shower prior to any service, in the spa, barbershop, or salon. (Wash Room policy) Cleaning is conducted in accordance with Government regulations and Mvua policy after every client.

11. You will wear a clean spa robe, or track suit and proceed for your spa/salon/barbershops services.

12. All clients will be provided with a fresh mask during the treatment.

13. You are welcome to enjoy time and refreshments in the relaxation room after your treatment.

14. You will make payments via Mpesa no cash transactions

15. You will dress back into your personal attire, your shoes and jewellry, cross check to make sure you have all your belongings and now you are free to exit the spa. (kindly give us feedback to better our services).

16. (Locker Room Policy) Cleaning is conducted in accordance with Government Regulations and Mvua Policies. And aired for 30minutes before the arrival of the next client.


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