Not knowing how to behave during your spa session can be a source of anxiety for first-time spa-goers.

The main thing to remember is that you are entering a tranquil space designed to provide a welcome escape from life’s stresses. As long as you keep this in mind, you will have a wonderful spa experience.

When should my Therapist arrive?/When should I arrive?

15 minutes before any treatment is due is recommended in order for you to get the most from your treatment.

It should be noted that new clients may be required to complete some paperwork upon arrival.

Can I choose the gender of my therapist?

We allow our clients to select the gender of the therapists performing their treatments to make them feel more comfortable. However, it is important to inform us ahead of your spa treatment if you do have a preference, as the spa will need to ensure availability of female or male staff.

Enquiring on the day itself could see your request unfulfilled. It is important to remember that a limited number of therapists may be available for certain niche, or less-demanded treatments and during peak hours. You should also call ahead if there’s a particular therapist you’d like to request due to their good reputation, or because of a positive past experience.

Keep it clean

Do take a shower prior to the treatment to reap the full benefits of the products used on your body. Pay particular attention to odiferous areas like armpits and feet.

Take it all off

Unless you’re given a disposable under pant the only thing you’re expected to wear for a massage or full body treatment is your underwear.

Do I have to talk during my spa treatments?

Talking is not recommended during facial treatments. This can be off-putting for the therapist and it’s very unlikely you’ll feel relaxed. You may wish to hold a conversation with the therapist during a non-facial treatment, such as a back massage, but do not feel obligated. Staff are trained to recognise when a guest wants to be silent and simply enjoy their treatment.

However, you should ensure you communicate clearly with your therapist throughout your treatments. If they are massaging you too hard, for example, you will want to make this clear, so they can change the pressure applied. Do not simply sit through any process you find uncomfortable just because you are in the hands of an expert.

When you’ve gotta go...go

Nothing can ruin a treatment like a full bladder, so be sure to use the bathroom before your session begins. If you find that you have to go mid-treatment, there’s no need to suffer through it. Ask your therapist to let you know when it’s good time to take a quick break.

Dos and Don’ts during your treatment

A full-body massage doesn't have to include your sensitive /private areas... Don't touch the spa therapist or do anything at all with your hands that you wouldn't do in front of your mum. In fact, think of the masseuse as your mum.

Do not use these words or phrases: "extras"; "I like it sweet"; "how about a bit lower down?"; "I'm in the market for something a bit more expensive" and "happy endings".

Check on cancellation policies

If you need to cancel a spa treatment, always inform the spa as quickly as possible so your slot can be filled by another client.

Bear in mind that cancellation fee will apply should you cancel less than 2 hours before the appointment.


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